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    White Glove Delivery

    If you’re a Minnesota business, you know that providing your customers with an excellent experience is essential to building a strong professional relationship with them.

    When your customers buy products from you that are particularly high value or require a complex installation process, they want trusted delivery services to ensure that their purchase arrives in optimal condition. You need to offer reliable, full-service shipping to meet their expectations, so you need the right shipping service to accomplish the task.

    Whether your company supplies other businesses with materials or takes products to customers’ homes, white glove delivery services can handle safe, optimized shipping throughout Minnesota for your customers. Use trusted white glove couriers to make sure your customer receives your products exactly as they ordered them.

    What is White Glove Delivery?

    White glove delivery is a service that carefully handles sensitive, heavy or hard-to-install materials to make sure that they stay in optimal condition throughout the shipping process. It could involve transporting a fragile item according to a specific protocol or installing a complex product at the destination site. The courier uses best practices for packaging, loading and unloading the item and can provide additional dunnage to protect it during transportation.

    Offering white glove delivery can enhance your enterprise’s customer service offerings for a variety of products. You can provide white glove shipping for items such as:

    • Heavy furniture
    • Antiques
    • Electronics
    • Medical equipment
    • Luxury items

    For products like these that require expertise to set up correctly or need extra care to ensure that they aren’t broken or damaged, white glove delivery and shipping can protect your company from liabilities and result in greater customer satisfaction.

    White Glove Shipping Capabilities From Street Fleet

    At Street Fleet, we can service any size delivery with excellent customer service and competitive pricing. We offer reliable white glove delivery services that will give you and your customer peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

    Flexible Service Options

    Whatever delivery services you need, we have systems and capabilities available to help. We offer a range of vehicle sizes to transport packages and options for the service level you need, including direct, one-hour, same-day and overnight distribution.

    We provide a customized service experience for each of our customers, complete with a unique login and account that gives you full access to service quotes, order requests and tracking tools.

    Experienced and Reliable Drivers

    Our expert drivers are trained, familiar with the Twin Cities and certified to handle sensitive deliveries in classifications such as financial, medical and hazmat. When it comes to white glove shipping, they are experienced using best practices to keep your packages safe.

    All our drivers have the appropriate uniform and badge and are prepared to represent your enterprise professionally in their interactions with your customers. You can trust them to provide courteous and professional service throughout the delivery process.

    Time-Sensitive Delivery

    We’re committed to providing prompt, dependable deliveries exactly when you need them. We will deliver as you requested, and if we encounter delays due to issues like weather or traffic, we’ll proactively communicate with you so you’re up to date on what’s happening. Whether they’re scheduled services or urgent requests, we’re available 24/7 to meet your delivery needs.

    Real-Time Tracking

    We ensure that you and your product’s recipient have full visibility into the shipping and delivery process with real-time tracking tools. You and your customer can follow a sensitive or fragile package’s progress through shipping so you always know where it is while en route.

    Once it has arrived at its destination, we also provide real-time proof of delivery and time stamps with automatic email notification. When you work with us, you and your customers will know your package’s location from the beginning to the end of the shipping process.

    Get Trusted Medical Delivery Solutions With Street Fleet

    Ensure that your institution can provide the highest level of customer service by getting reliable, timely medical deliveries in the Twin Cities with Street Fleet. For more information about how our experienced team can meet your needs for trustworthy delivery services, reach out to us and register online for our services today.




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